Rappin’ and tappin’

KATHMANDU: If turnout the audience turnout would be any indication, rap music is no longer a fad that some musicians in far off lands do. Hundreds of people turned up for the ‘Rap Fever’ organised by the International Music Society Nepal on February 25 at the Hyatt Regency grounds.

“We were really encouraged by the turnout of the people,” said organiser Suman Shrestha.

With foodstalls and the shaded area to hide from the winter sun’s rays, the audience had one swell time. The rising temperature did not prevent the rap freaks from tapping in tune to the rappers. The battle between rappers — Jenis from France and Snoop from Dubai was the most spectacular event of the show.

The DJ session was equally successful. As soon as Shrestha with Mistah K took over the console, the entire cro-wd swayed to the tune as if they know every step of the beat.