Ravishing Ramona


VJ Ramona has it all. Awe-inspiring looks coupled with talent, depth and a soft, soft heart. This 25-year-old can be vouched for as one of the most versatile and vivacious Indian VJs that MTV has ever had. Apart from hosting some popular shows on MTV like Ek Do Teen and MTV Housefull, this diva has a beautiful voice along with a flair for acting. “I knew that I was born to entertain people. I actually started humming before I even learnt to speak and I guess that says it all,” expresses this exuberant VJ. Singing for DJ Aqeel’s “Keh Du Tumhe” and for a movie called ‘Out of Control,’ were but feathers added to her cap. A graduate in English Literature from Jai Hind College, VJ Ramona has also toured countries hosting multiple shows and performing for onstage musicals. This gorgeous damsel was also spotted in a mega-Bollywood blockbuster ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.’ She was discovered by MTV in their VJ Hunt and since then there has been no looking back for this multi-talented lady who says she does only those things that make her happy and does not harm others. Adventure is like a second name for Ramona, since there is no adventure sport she hasn’t tried and claims that nature is certainly a most indispensable part of her life. “I love nature, especially animals,

and want to do all I can to give them a safe and protected environment, and in order to fulfil my dreams I am working closely with Wildlife SOS. My first major project in this has been the saving the lives of many sloth bears who were being brutally tortured.” Another obsession that Ramona carries is scuba diving and she aspires to become an instructor in the sport one fine day of her life.

Music is air for Ramona who listens to just about everything from opera, classical, rock to modern day pop and Bollywood hits. “I love listening to every genre. Some of my favourite all time legends have been Pink Floyd, U2, Beatles and Alanis Morisette,” says she, adding, “I draw a lot of inspiration in my life from nature, particularly, the ocean because that brings me at complete peace with myself. Even life and its varied experiences inspire me in some way or the other along with the different kind of people I meet in everyday life.” Alongside, Ramona has a deep connection with the Buddha and also bears a tattoo on her back which says “Om Mane Padme Hum” and depicts the Lord’s face. “Buddha is my backbone, he gives me strength and he is also the eyes I have at my back. I chant his prayers every morning and feel complete,” she claims. Five years down the line, this VJ sees herself married with a baby and doing stuff behind the camera. “Since I love nature and travelling, I would be doing something in these fields,” she says.

VJ Ramona is more than excited to be in Nepal and promises to make the party animals here have the most rocking time ever. “Be yourself,” she tells her fans in the city. “Be happy and come to the party since I will make sure you have a great time. Enjoy!”

To watch out this diva at her best with Nikhil Chinappa to bolster her efforts, do not miss the party MTV Blast at Soaltee Crowne Plaza on August 19 from 6 pm onwards. The event has been organised by Ramylo.com and the Annapurna Post is the official media of the event. The tickets are priced at Rs 1,499 inclusive of unlimited drinks and dinner. MTV Blast has been sponsored by Saegram’s Royal Stag (Mega Music) and Channel Nepal.