Ready for rains

KATHMANDU: The frequent showers must have brought much respite from the scorching heat, but monsoon doesn’t have the same effect on you skin. This is the season when you are more prone to skin problems and infections.

Here are few do’s and don’ts of monsoon beauty regime.

Monsoon do’s

• Once you are drenched in the rain, it is better to take a shower at home with lukewarm water as it makes the skin fresh and healthy.

• Remove old nail polish, apply lime juice on the nails and toes which gives a natural fresh look.

• Waxing, pedicure, manicure are very much recommended during this season.

• Take special care of your feet this season. Soak them in a tub of warm water and salt to avoid fungal infection, itching sensation and irritation.

• Always wash your face, hands and feet as soon as you reach home.

• It is better if you wash your lip at night and apply milk cream.

Monsoon don’ts

• Avoid facials and bleaching during this season. Facials make the skin rough and bleaching, which is chemical oriented, can do more harm than good.

• Avoid using water-based makeup. Kaajal (kohl) mascara or eyeliner can spoil the look with dirty smudges all over the face.

• Never tie your wet hair as moisture and sweat will make it sticky and invite foul smell and lice.