Real abstract


Cosmogonic and Mother Nature’ an art exposition at NAFA hall that began on August 12, is a minute depiction of cosmic element of artist’s meditative imagination. The artist Buddha Thapa even claims that some of the paintings on display were painted in a state of trance. “I smeared colours on canvas that finally emerged as cosmic revelation,” he said. Thapa’s paintings, as sculptor Thakur Prasad Mainali coined ‘real abstract’ based on oriental religious philosophy, are illustration of religious beliefs and logical science at the same time. Thapa has used seven different oil colours in all of his 56 paintings. “Depicting the cosmos through seven layers, applying seven different colours, I was able to relate my physical self with the abstract spiritual existence,” Thapa explained. Lord Ganesh has been portrayed in seven different colours.

He also stresses the significance of two colours, black and white. “Black represents the nucleus of every existence,” he added, “from where emerges vibration that produce sound and light that are attributed to life.” Meditative Vibration, Face of Light, Cosmic Centre among others illustrates his notion about universe. Likewise, Mother Nature series consists of symbolic figures of women that represent nature. Pristine and polluted environment of mother earth is implied by woman’s state of mind. The three full stature paintings of ethnic women on display are, though, the best examples of artist’s exquisite brush strokes. Price of the paintings ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 3,00,000. Swami Chandesh inaugurated the exhibition and delivered enlightening discourse on universe and its relation to human existence. Swami also played his self-made violin that enthralled the audience gathered at the occasion. The exhibition is on till August 19.