Reality masquerades


As one entered the British Council on January 8, one could see people walking around wearing paper-bag masks. This was a part of the weeklong exhibition titled ‘Masquerade’.

The second year students of Kathmandu University had prepared the masks as a project in March 2006. The project, initiated by Celia Washington, a British artist in KU as artist in residence, was about creating masks out of paper bags. The students were allowed to conceptualise their own theme. Lecturer Kishor Rajbhandari is also involved in the project.

Washington who was inspired by American artist Saul Steinberg said there is a surreal reality behind the mask.

As the project was done during the time of political instability, themes like ‘Calling for Peace’ ‘Who Killed my Husband’ are evident. Twenty-two theme related photographs of students in masks were also showcased.

Another artist from UK Tom Schofield will be showing his video installation of the project on January 10. A special paper bag mask workshop is also being organised for school children on January 14.