Rebellious Kruger

LONDON: Inglourious Basterds star Diane Kruger says she has come close to being arrested because she gets into argument with authority.

“I have a real problem with authority. I’ve nearly been arrested so many times. Airports are the worst, you go through security, you only have one item, one tube and they tell you to put it in a plastic bag. I’m like, ‘But it’s one item! A plastic bag isn’t going to make it any more secure’,” she said.

Kruger had a strict religious upbringing, believes the problem comes from her youth when she was an “angry child” who despised school, Marie Claire

magazine reported. “I was always arguing. Unless someone could explain and it made sense to me I just couldn’t accept things. I

just really hated school. Catholic bit was part of that. Just the suppression and everything being so proper,” she said.