RELATIONSHIP: Is this madness or love?


Everyone says that you fall in love once. But,is it true? I have seen many people falling in love with one and getting married to another. Mostly women have to sacrifice their love and their feelings and compromise with life.

For me the person that I love is still in my heart. I met him in the first year of my college. We hardly had a talk. Maybe his quiet behaviour or his decent looks dragged me towards him. I never expressed my feelings for him to anyone except my best friend. When the college reopened after a long vacation, he did not return. Later, I came to know that he went abroad. That day, I cried so much.

It has been a decade. But still my feelings for him remain the same. My parents want me to get married, but what about me and my feelings? I have tried my best to find him in other men, but always failed. I know that it is madness to spend a life only thinking of someone when I don’t even know his feelings for me. But I am still waiting for him. Is this madness or love? I have been unableto make it out.