RELATIONSHIPS: A Valentine wish

It was the first day of her college and her excitement knew no bounds. In college at last after all those years of tedious school, and she was all set to enjoy her college life.

And on that first day, she chanced to see a face that stole her heart. In the melee she lost sight of that face and the day ended without her seeing his face again.

She did not remember one single thing clearly about the day. It was a confusion of a new place, new friends, and a new canteen. The food was bad so she ended up with an empty stomach.

And then she got butterflies in her stomach because the face appeared there again. She gasped and went blank for a few minutes, but he did not even seem to notice her.

Somehow she managed to get details about him like his name, address, telephone number, et cetera. His name was Naran.

And to add to her excitement, he was in the same tuition centre as she and wonder of wonders they were in the same class. She blessed her stars for having failed in Maths. Now she had a chance to share a class with him. The first day she was too scared to talk to him, but the next day, she gathered her courage and stammeringly asked whether the blue pen on the floor was his. She knew it wasn’t. She knew it was a stupid away to start a conversation, but it worked. They started talking over the next few days but it would just be about Maths. If it was something else, then it would be either Physics or Chemistry or the teachers. But it was more than enough for her. She just loved hearing him speak.

The Valentine’s Day was extra special for her and she put on a little make-up and arrived for class. But before she could give him her gift, he gave her a card and a letter. She rushed home and tore open the letter and the card. To her dismay it was a friendship card and in the letter he had said he already had a girlfriend and politely asked her to stop the stupidity. He had also advised her to pay more attention to her studies.

She ended in tears but she knew what he had said was right. She would respect his feelings and move on with her life.