RELATIONSHIPS: Apple of my eyes


I had just completed my graduation and had started teaching.

I was in my early twenties — the so-called marriageable age.

I never thought I would marry, but during the course of time my marriage was fixed. He had done his MBBS and my father declared that this man was his choice of a son-in-law.

I saw him on the day of our engagement. He was young, fair and very smart.

We were left alone in a room to help us to get to know each other. I could not break the ice. The silence lengthened when suddenly he asked, “Why do you think all living things should get married?”

“To procreate,” I answered in my mind (very easy for a Botany student).

“Why do you think, sir?” I heard myself asking.

“Sir?” he laughed. “Ma’m, I think that after twenties almost everyone gets fed up with the happiness in their lives.”

We felt in ease with each other, and laughed at our silly opening lines. My father peeped in and seeing our smiling faces said, “See you at the mandap, soon.”

Well, it’s been 10 years and I had never thought I’d meet a man like him.

He has been able to reach into the potential in me that even I didn’t know I possessed.

Despite his scheduled life as a medical practitioner, he has always managed to make time for his family. His friends complement that man that he is and no one can help but like his friends.

These 10 with him have given me so much joy, that even if I should die tomorrow I will have no regrets and leave no wishes unfulfilled.

He taught me not to wish for lighter loads, but pray for a stronger back. I count myself lucky for bringing him into my life, the one person who has taught me to see all the miracles of life.

I wish the sun wouldn’t set today, the earth wouldn’t rotate so that I could stay a day longer in his lap.