Relationships: Memories of my friend

Shreedhar Aryal


Bishnu, one of my best friends died five years ago, and I was left shocked and heartbroken. He was an intelligent and laborious student and always stood first in the class. I believe he was probably the most honest student of our school and because everybody knew this, he was the one who was admired the most by everybody in school.

We were not only friends but also relatives. Since we started schooling, our camaraderie was so close that it was a matter of envy for everyone and what a sad moment when he left this materialistic world. His death was a shock to everyone. We were preparing for our SLC and one day he got a high fever, which became the cause of his death.

When our Sent-Up exams were over, we started preparing for our SLC. Most of the times we used to be together pursuing combined studies. Sometimes I used to worry about his health when he stayed awake till late — studying for even more than six hours. Unfortunately, one day he fell sick and never got up again. He was suffering from high fever. Though his father was aware of his fever, he hardly paid any attention towards his health. When we tried to take Bishnu to the hospital his father stopped us. He said it all happened because of ‘Boksi’, the witches. I could not believe at that time that his father was so superstitious and believed in all these things. He was looking for a ‘Jhankri’ — a traditional healer. I tried my best to take my friend to the hospital but his father didn’t lend his ears to me. I could only watch with disbelief that my friend was lying motionless and the so-called healer was doing all his tricks in the name of treatment. As I knew the Jhankri could not save my friends, he died in front of my eyes. I was alone standing. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I wonder how many people have lost their lives just because of such stupid beliefs. A person who has been alive here with me is no more just because some people madly put faith on such superstitions. I started preparing for my exams, as they say after all life goes on. I know my friend will never come back but the moments we spent together will always inspire me. Though he is not here, his memories are here along with me and he will be always in heart.

What I wish is that in the future, nobody should lose one’s life just because his kin believes in superstition. What a shame on those who pay the price by losing somebody close to him or her because they believe in things that don’t exist.