RELATIONSHIPS: My college crush


I saw her again a few days ago... she was walking on the other side of the road. I stopped to look at her before she vanished into the crowd.

And as I watched her disappear into the sea of people, the memories came flooding back.

When I was in college I had a crush on her. Of course, I have had a few other crushes but perhaps none compared to her beauty, charm and elegance. And she still happens to be the prettiest girl I have ever seen. 

I first saw her on the day of my college interview. She was pretty as a button and it was tough getting my eyes off her. I crossed my fingers and prayed that we’d both get admission in the same college. And we did.

Though we were in different classrooms, I never missed a chance to take a glance at her. I would unnecessarily pass through her classroom just to look at her, and a few times our eyes met. 

I found her very attractive, yet innocent. She was not just pretty but radiated beauty. I considered my day to be lucky if I saw her in the morning. She was fresh, full of life and enthusiasm. She had a million-dollar-smile which only added to her beauty. She was simple yet walked with confidence and pride. I would often hide myself among the bookshelves in the library just to steal a glance. I often had an extra cup of tea if she was around the canteen.

My two years in college passed in this way. I was never able to talk with her nor start a friendship. Perhaps two years was too short a time for me to gather enough courage to go and say “Hi”.

We never exchanged a greeting, never were friends. She will always remain a beautiful crush that I had during my college years.

And that fleeting moment on the evening on the street, just a glimpse of her made all those beautiful memories just a smile away. And yes, this crush of mine is worth cherishing.