RELATIONSHIPS : The other friend



There was something wrong but I did not know what. Nothing seemed to be right with our relationship. We had been best friends for a long time but for past few days he had been avoiding me. He looked troubled and lost. His eyes were not as warm as they used to be.

I simply could not make out why he was avoiding me. Neither did he agree to meet nor returned my calls. Later I found out from his sister that he was not keeping well and wanted to be left alone.

We had been best pals from the moment we got introduced. He was always there whenever I need a shoulder to cry on or to share my secrets. Since I did not have brother, I always felt scared to talk to any guy. I would stick to my stupid behaviour and would not talk to my classmates — boys. But it was very different with him. I would talk about anything under the sun and he would patiently listen to me.

He was searching for something but never let it out. Finally he said we would meet. I was right he had been searching for words and after much coaxing he spoke. He said that he was in love with Reetu and not me. He said he was sorry that we were not meant for each other and simply walked away.

I was speechless. I stood there for a long time trying to make sense. I was happy that he was in love but how could he say that he does not love me. All these years we had been together. We had laughed, cried and shared secrets with each other. After all those sharing and caring he says that he does not love me?

When we befriend a person of the opposite sex does it always have to be a Romeo-Juliet relationship? Is it wrong to love a friend of the opposite sex? All these years we have been friends and he did not love me? Actually I never thought of him that way. I loved him because he was my dearest pal. He too knew that we were only friends and for the love of his life he wants to end our friendship? I am sure he would not have ended our friendship if I were a boy. No, I do not understand because he was not the person I had befriended. But let me get this clear. I never loved you the way you thought — I hate you because you could not prove yourself a good friend.