I wanted to propose to her, but I kept telling myself that I’d so so the next day. However, I never realised when this day came and went by.

She was the one I always looked out for in the college. But whenever I came face to face with her, my eyes lowered and I couldn’t utter a single word.

In her presence, I was the happiest person alive borrowing from her vivacious and sunny nature. And when she flashed her smile my way, I felt I’d been given all the happiness in the world.

With every breath that I took, she became more a part of my life. And with each heartbeat, I waited for the sound of her footsteps. I cherished every word that she uttered and treasured those in the core of my heart. And everyday I’d think that I’d propose to her the next day.

But when the next day arrived, I’d be afraid that she’d say no.

Saying next day, the three years in campus slipped by. Then the real life began of looking for employment and doing the rounds of offices. This went on for a couple of months. And I was invited to a friend’s wedding.

And what a shock I received to see that the bride was the one I loved silently. I was almost overwhelmed by tears, but managed to control my feelings enough to say, “Congratulations! May your married life prosper and may luck kiss you every step of your life.”

I returned home with a heavy heart. To console myself and lick my wounds, I looked for my diary. And in that diary I found a proposal letter written by her. At the end of it she had asked me to reply the very next day.

My ‘next day’ had caught up with me, but I knew that for me this next day with her would never come.