RN Joshi remembered


On the occasion of the 70th birth anniversary of artist RN Joshi, a special memorial programme was organised at the Pulchowk Park Gallery. Various artists like Madan Chitrakar, Uttam Nepali, Mukesh Malla, Ramesh Khanal and Asha Dangol were present at the function.

Artist Mukesh Malla talked about Joshi’s contribution towards the development and preservation of Nepali art and culture. “Establishing an art gallery, rare in those days, is also a major contribution of his for Nepali art,” said Malla.

He also said that Joshi believed in action and made sure that all decisions were implemented.

Veteran journalist Padma Thakurathi also shared stories about days spent with late Joshi. “The way Moti Ram Bhatta played a major role in popularising Bhanu Bhakta Acharya’s literature in Nepali society, I can say that late Joshi has also played a similar role in taking Nepali art to the national and international level.”

Last year a special art exhibition of pioneers of Nepali art RN Joshi, Bal Krishna Sama and Tej Bahadur Chitrakar was organised to commemorate Joshi’s birth anniversary. At Saturday’s event, art materials were given to the students of Bal Binod Vidhyalaya, which were funded with the amount collected from the ticket sale from last year’s event.

Artist Neera Joshi also announced a special talk programme on ‘Art Talk: Nepali art today’ to be held on November 15 and 22. At the programme, senior personalities related to art like Mukesh Malla, Madan Chitrakar, Ramesh Khanal and Prof Banshi Shrestha will talk about the modern, post modern and contemporary art of Nepal. — HNS