Rockers’ punch


The ground was ‘almost full’ when the rockers started the parade at Sanogaucharan, Gyaneshwor on June 9. The show started almost on time when the very popular metal band X-Mantra played their head banging numbers Chidiya Ghar, Makura ko jalo and Salik.

‘Rockers on Parade: Rocking concert of the year’ started with much enthusiasm and excitement and all present there were sweaty and steamy in the humid climate and fearing rainfall soon.

Though half the crowd was there to enjoy music played by their favourite bands, the other half was just there to be in the crowd.

Robin Tamang of Robin and the New Revolution was successful in keeping the crowd hooked with his performance and humour. He played all time hits like Dum maro dum, Nepal and Chiso chiso hawama, among the others.

The youngsters’ favourite underground metal band Voomi played their own creations Suicide, Bhariya and Stone hunters. The crowd enjoyed the showmanship and hard-hitting performance by the Cobweb who entertained the crowd by playing cover songs We will rock you and Highway to hell, but the real crowd puller was the classic rock song Maryo ni Maryo ni.

The concert ended with a performance by 1974 AD, who along with their popular numbers played few of their new songs.

The concert was organised by Focus Event Management and co-sponsored by KTM Rocks, ISS and Asahi Beer, and sponsored by McDowell.