Rockin’ in Birgunj


Our singers were able to chase the chill of the early winter, keep their audience rooted and shouting ‘Once more’.

We are talking about the concert at the Naryani stadium in Birgunj on November 11. Even the most reluctant of the audience could not help but sway to the numbers belted out by singers like Nima Rumba, Anil Singh and Sudip Giri.

Shouts of “I love you, Nima” filled the air when Rumba sang New Road ko batoma.

A crowed numbering over 5,000 had thronged the stadium for the concert held in aid of HELP, an NGO, and organised by Supreme and Initiative Music Concert.

As Rumba sang one song after another, he held the audience captive. Aau aau na had the crowd shouting “Once more, once more.”

As as the sun set, the crowd seemed to get even more enthusiastic. Sudip Giri’s performance was equally well received and he didn’t dissapoint his fans and sang Sannani ko galai ma kalo kothi kya.

Anil Singh then rocked the crowd with his popular numbers like I Love You, Adhyaro Saajh Ma.