Rodman’s unpaid bill

GLENWOOD SPRI-NGS: Police have declined to file charges over Dennis Rodman’s unpaid gas bill after an anonymous female basketball fan stepped in to help keep the former NBA star out of trouble. Rodman allegedly failed to pay the bill last month at a gas station while he was driving his gold-and-black Lamborghini through Colorado in a charity rally race. Police Chief Terry Wilson said authorities were preparing paperwork on the case, but contacted the store to see if Rodman had paid the bill and found that a woman, who did not identify herself, had covered it. A clerk at the Tomahawk Auto Truck Plaza told police that Rodman tried on a cowboy hat, said he liked it, signed an autograph, then put $20 on the counter for gas. However, his gas bill was more than $40 and the clerk told police Rodman didn’t pay for the hat either. Neither Rodman nor his agent, Darren Prince, had heard that someone had paid the bill. Rodman had offered to pay the gas station, but Prince said he never heard from the store or police.