Romance revived

Jab we met

Genre: Romance

Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Dara Singh

Direction: Imtiaz Ali

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It seemed like Bollywood had forgotten about romance. For last decade, all we could see was stories about family bonding, realistic gangster movies, patriotism , raunchy comedies, extra marital affairs and more of glamour. But thanks to a few romantic souls left in the industry, they have brought back the magic of love. After his first movie Socha na tha, director Imtiaz Ali has brought back romance with Jab we met, which comes as a relief, like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day.

Teaming real life ex-couple, Ali has proved that good direction can do wonders for any actor. The story begins when Aditya (Shahid Kapoor) disappointed with life meets Geet (Kareena Kapoor), a happy-go-lucky soul who sees the world through rose tinted glasses. Together they get into different situations that lead Geet’s family to believe that they are a couple. But Geet has different plans and goes off to Manali (with Aditya in tow) to be with her boyfriend. Aditya returns to his life in Mumbai and impressed with Geet’s optimism, begins his life with a new zeal.

But Geet’s family informs him that Geet hasn’t returned home even after nine months. Aditya promises to bring Geet back to them safe and sound.

The story line is similar to that of A walk in the clouds, Dhai akshar prem ke and Kunwara, but kudos to the director whose presentation and narration has given it a different look altogether.

The first half of the movie is funny and fast paced, while the second half is heart warming but not boring. Ali has captured colours of Punjab and beauty of Manali and Shimla perfectly.

Kareena has found the perfect platform to showcase her talent as an actress. She is not her Poo-self in the movie. Though her character is loud, she is still very likeable. Shahid is the next romantic hero after Aamir Khan, and though the movie revolves around Geet, he does justice to his role. But the credit has to go to Ali, who is has done a great job in bringing out the best in both actors.

The actors share real chemistry, which has added life to the movie. We hope

to see the pair on silver screen again, igniting the same fiery chemistry.