Ronit Roy is Ekta’s Mr Right


TV tycoon Ekta Kapoor has set the criteria for her ideal life partner saying he should be good looking, tall and handsome, in short, like Ronit Roy.

Ekta spoke when she was asked whether her infamous ‘K’ factor would be a deciding factor in choosing her husband as well. “If he is good-looking, tall and handsome, the ‘K’ won’t matter. He should be like Ronit — handsome,” she said.

Ronit is playing Bhishm Pitamah in her mythological series Kahaani Humaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki.

Though she refused to answer any personal questions, she made it a point to clarify that she is “not getting married to Karan Johar”. Rumours of her affair with the Bollywood filmmaker were doing the rounds for a long time. — HNS