Runway tete-a-tete

She’s 18 and is a +2 student and has already done a photo shoot with cybersansar. That’s Sonu Poudel who is 5’5” and describes herself as someone who has just joined the industry and still needs to find her way around. Sonu describes the Lux Supermodel Hunt as a very special platform, which is giving her a big break in this competitive world.

Sonu’s favourite colours are black and white. Why? Because white symbolises peace, and black because she just loves it. Her favourite place on earth is Pokhara, which she says is the Nepali Switzerland, though she’s quick to add that she hasn’t been to Switzerland. And she may be flying to Switzerland (the real one) soon as she loves flying and doubly because her ambition is to be an air hostess. Though being a VJ is also on the cards.

Sonu loves to gorge on daal-bhat and simply drools over roasted chicken, though she admits that her efforts at making this dish have never turned out delicious.

Sonu loves irritating her boyfriend and she describes this as her favourite past time.

Greedy people, those who are not frank and persons with an attitude are the kinds of people she dislikes.

The three qualities a supermodel should possess according to Sonu are confidence, a glamourous face, and an expression that matches the clothes that one is modelling. Her ideal supermodel is Carol (India) who she thinks has a unique ramp walk.

And should she win the hunt, then she says she’ll blow up the cash prize on buying her friends treats.

32-28-32, 5’6” — that’s Kritika Thapa, one of the finalists from the Kathmandu round.

This is the 18-year-old’s first foray into the modelling world and she joined the contest after seeing the advertisement in THT. “My height and my relative’s encouragement made me join the contest,” says Kritika.

For her the six days that she will be spending with other models and taking various trainings will be the highlight of the contest as she believes that she will be able to learn a lot in those days.

A student of CA Foundation who is also planning on joining BBS, Kritika plans to continue her studies even if she should win the contest.

Kritika loves all colours as she thinks “colours are the gift of nature and from God — we should respect this gift”. And not surprisingly her favourite place is Dharan for various religious reasons.

She loves eating dedo (Nepali porridge) and masu ko jhol (meat soup) and loves to spend her spare time dancing. Her favourite person in this world is her Shailendra Uncle who, she says, is the reason that she is here in the competition. And she dislikes proud people.

“A supermodel should have the looks and the height, should be confident, and most important of all possess inner beauty and power,” says Kritika, whose favourite model

is Milind Soman for all the factors listed above. She also admires Sushmita Sen.

And if she should be the Lux Supermodel, she would seriously work at changing the way people define models. “Everyone thinks that modelling is just exposing. I would work at changing this view and prove that modelling is not that; that is also about bringing forth the inner beauty.”

And she hasn’t yet thought about what she’d do with the cash prize if she wins the hunt.