Saif enjoys gig with Parikrama

MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan is pleased as punch with his performance at a rock concert in New Delhi a fortnight ago and is planning another show with the band Parikrama. “It was an awesome experience,” Saif says but regrets his two children were not there to watch him perform with Parikrama last month.

Saif also sang at the concert. He says: “I can’t say I am a great singer but I manage. I hope I didn’t make a fool of myself. I didn’t think I did. I never in my wildest dreams thought it’d be so much fun. It was an awesome experience. I played the guitar on stage for a good 45 minutes. None of that rock-star-in-scruffy-jeans, long hair, dragging his-guitar on-to-stage act for me,” Saif said.

“I think my performance was more what I wanted to express than what a rock concert is supposed to be. Would you believe, I finally sang two songs on stage. One was Roadhouse blues by the Doors, the other was Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry. I played Highway To Hell and Whole Lot Of Rosie by AC/DC and a rhythm-and-blues track by Parikrama. Yeah, I think I did well for myself.”

Saif is also very pleased with Parikrama. “They’re really good. I enjoyed being on stage with them so much that I have decided to do another concert with Parkirama in Mumbai. “The best thing about the Delhi concert was the knowledgeable audience. There were no star-gazers there, only rock fans who grooved to the beats.”

Saif had only one regret. “I wish my two children were there to watch me. They would have seen an entirely new side to their father’s personality. They need to catch up with their studies and be with their mom. Maybe they can watch me when I perform in Mumbai.”