Saif on love and betrayal

MUMBAI: Saif Ali Khan is pretty well placed in life now. He just spent quality time with his two kids, his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor has flown down to London to be by his side and his first film as a producer is shaping up steadily.

But Saif grumbles that his happiness is marred by people who insist on talking about his private life. And, for once, he isn’t referring to the media. He’s talking about his ex-girlfriend Rozza Catalano.

Recently, Rozza talked about how Saif had cheated on her. Saif retaliates, “People are feeding off me by selling sob stories. I wish people would stop making a living by talking about me constantly. I’ve never spoken about them. Why are they ceaselessly speaking about me?” Saif says, obviously referring to his ex-girlfriend Rozza Catalano’s outburst against him.

Prod him about Rozza’s salvo about Saif having hidden his children from her when they first met, and Saif is quick to retort, “I’ve never hidden anything from anyone. I’ve never even lied about anything. My children are, by far, my proudest accomplishment. Why would I hide them?”

Meanwhile, Saif is growing increasingly comfortable in current girlfriend Kareena’s space, making an effort to be friendly with all the people who matter to her.