Sanju-Akshay great: Lara

“It is not as easy as flipping a coin,” says the ex-Miss Universe Lara Dutta when asked to choose between the two leading men of Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd’s film Blue, India’s biggest action-thriller that is releasing on October 16.

Lara explains that she is naturally very fond of Akshay because she started her Bollywood career with him in Andaaz. “From day one, Akshay has been my support system in an industry where I was a total outsider. I knew no one in showbiz and nothing about films. Akki has been my guiding light,” says Lara.Over the years, the bond between Akshay and her, only strengthened. And whenever she faced a career issue, she knew all she had to do was to pick up the phone and Akki would be there for her. He wanted her in Bhagam Bhag... and next he is with her is Housefull.

“It was Akshay who recommended Blue,” she admits. When she told him that she couldn’t swim to save her life and would therefore have to turn down the role, he reprimanded her. “You have three months to learn to swim... and you must give it your best shot,” the persuasive Khiladi told her.

“After I agreed to do the film, I asked Akshay who I was cast opposite,” laughs Lara. And Akshay told her Sanjay Dutt because that was the best role in the film.

“Working with Sanju is always a joy. We had a fabulous rapport while making Zinda. And what I like about Sanju is that he knows how to lead his co-actor. He seems very casual in his approach to work but when it comes to the crunch, Sanju is a dedicated actor. And always a delight to work with.”

No wonder Lara can’t choose between her macho men in this underwater adventure film.