Santana going places

It looks like the wait for a new Santana album is just about over. On his last two albums — 1999’s ‘Supernatural’ and 2002’s ‘Shaman’ — featured appearances by Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, Lauryn Hill, Rob Thomas, Michelle Branch, Macy Gray, and Chad Kroeger, among many others.

Santana’s got a few dates scheduled for April in Puerto Rico, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador. There are also plans for North American shows, but haven’t been announced yet. Carlos Santana will be honoured as the BMI Icon at the 12th Annual BMI Latin Awards at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas on April 21. The award is given to a songwriter who’s had a “unique and indelible influence on generations of music makers,” and Santana is the first person to be so honoured at the Latin Awards.

Previous BMI Icons have included Van Morrison, Chuck Berry, and Brian Wilson, among others. At the awards presentation, the music performing rights organisation BMI will recognise the people

behind the most-played Latin songs in the US. — Agencies