SCHOOL TIMES : Beautiful picture

One evening while I was sitting in my room, I had a strange and new feeling. It was totally unknown. It made me move towards the balcony. I felt the cool air hug my skin. The setting sun kissed my cheeks in such a wonderful way that it brought a kind of calm in my heart. A kind of joy that sparkled in my eyes.

With a big smile on my face, I just remained quiet for few minutes.

My eyes spied a beautiful scene — the sun setting. It may sound like a thing that one would easily forget, but it was not. I observed that scene for one-and-a-half hours. The rosy evening gave way to a dark night leaving me alone with the message that every dark night is followed by a beautiful morning. Then I realised that darkness is the symbol for a new beginning and new hopes. That very moment is the most cherished moment of my life. So, light candles of hope within you to face the darkness outside.

— Arpana Shakya,

Class IX, Vidhya Sagar

Secondary School, Banepa