SCHOOL TIMES : Bittersweet feeling

Friendship starts when we meet someone and with time the relationship gradually changes and we become much closer to each other as we share our feelings. In fact, a friend is the only person with whom we share our each and every feeling, and a friend is the only person on whom we can lean when we are in a terrible situation. We enjoy good times with friends and we share our problems with them too.

However, a time will come when we have to depart from each other. While we move away from each other, we tend to have an uncomfortable feeling and our heart becomes empty for sometime because, we are going far away from the person we have shared each and every minute with. In fact, after separation we cherish those moments which we spent together. We start remembering them for days.

How amazing it is that we meet as strangers and in the end we become nearest and dearest friends, with whom we separate one day and miss each and every moment spent together, whenever we are alone.

— Tenzin Namgyal (Puktung), Class VIII, Boudha, Tusal