SCHOOL TIMES : Circle of love

Sometimes when I am at complete peace, I ponder over my relationships with my family and friends and find myself lucky to have them. Basically when I see the world around me and see people starving for love and care, having nowhere to go and no one to talk to, I think I am a very lucky girl to have so much love and care.

Every morning I wake up saying, “Good morning dijju,” to my elder sister. To make sure I don’t get late for school, my mum always prepares breakfast on time and my dad is there to give me my goodbye kiss.

At school I have my friends who make me feel very special, giving me companionship, providing me with their support and lending me their shoulder to lean on whenever I need. At times I do feel frustrated and have this feeling of being uncared for, but then I realise I have people around me and feel that I am very lucky.

Thanks to everyone for being there for me. And I would like to tell all to never feel let down as all of you are blessed with people who love you. Just look around and see how lucky you are.

— Shristi Shrestha, Class IX, GEMS