When we are ready for anything without taking help from others, that is the best help one can get. This virtue is known as self-help. Relying on our efforts, courage and capability is called self-help. If we do our work without taking help from others, we learn a lot and we do not feel afraid when we face problems. We can rely on our own strength and it makes us feel proud of ourselves. It makes one capable of deciding things without depending on others.

There are some people who can’t do anything on their

own. They cannot cope when faced with difficulties and usually is a burden on society.

These people don’t want to move ahead in life. We must not be like these people.

We must develop the habit of self-help from an early age. Even in our classroom we have seen students who do not put in any effort and usually ask for help from their friends even to do simple homework. But in the long run these students suffer a lot. Hence, students must depend on themselves, so that they will get the strength, power and dignity to face the upcoming difficulties in their lives.

— Lochan Acharya, Class VIII, Joseph High School