SCHOOL TIMES : Dirty roads of our city

A problem has arisen in Kathmandu Valley and people are facing many difficulties because of this. The problem is pollution. There is a lot of waste materials thrown on the roads. Due to this careless dumping, many harmful diseases are spreading all around. As the waste materials are thrown on the footpaths, people cannot walk on these lanes and have to walk on the main roads, which causes traffic jams and unfortunately at times accidents too.

There are many animals like oxen, dogs that also cause traffic jams.

Kathmandu Valley is suffering from all these problems because the city is not being properly managed by the municipality and our leaders.

One of the duties of the municipality is to manage waste, but it hasn’t been doing this duty properly. To add to this, even the politicians have their own interests as they let youngsters burn tyres on roads which adds to the problem of pollution and destroys the roads.

— Niranjan Panta, A-Level, Xavier International College