SCHOOL TIMES : Dream come true

Expectation is the hope that everyone desires. I do have many aims in life that I would want to fulfiled. People say hard work plays a great role in achieving one’s aim. But I believe it is luck and not hard work that helps one get what they want. My dream never came true even though I tried really hard.

I had always wanted to study in one of the renowned institutions of the country, but my family’s financial status wasn’t strong. I studied at a school near my place. My parents work very hard at their jobs, but what they earn is just enough for accommodation, food, my tuition fees, clothing et cetera. We cannot afford other things like outings. I often felt embarrassed in front of my friends and teachers. I used to think, when I would get an opportunity to study in the renowned boarding school?

Now, I am so happy. My dream finally came true when I got scholarship at the VS Glorious English Medium School in Class VII. About a year ago I received a scholarship through my academic performance in the previous school. It’s my luck too that I got an opportunity to study under a scholarship. If I wouldn’t have tried, if I didn’t have any luck, I would be in the same school.

The environment of the school is marvellous, the teachers, the students, the teaching methodology and the curricular activities being conducting each month makes me feel like I surely will be a successful leader of this country.

I think that I am the happiest guy of this world. My mum and dad are also very happy. Now I can enjoy myself and we can afford new clothing, and good accommodation.

My dad had promised to gift me a mountain bike if I stood first in the final terminal examination because I love cycling. I am trying my hard to fulfil my dad’s dream. I will make my dad’s dream come true.

— Asmita

Rijal, Class VIII, VS GEMS