SCHOOL TIMES : Having fun at Kakani

It was Friday. I came back home after my taekwondo grading. My mother came out running and told me that we were all going for a picnic to Kakani the next day.

I was really happy when I heard that, as it was the first picnic with my family. I was very excited. I finished my morning chores and was ready to go for the picnic. At 7’o clock we started our journey to Kakani by bus.

Kakani is 23km in the northwest side of the capital. But first we went to Pancha Kumari temple at Sinamangal and then went to Balaju. As we went further from the city the crowd lessened. There were dense forests, first we saw Raniban and then Tapoban. There we saw many types of buildings that were very beautiful. The buildings were made in memory of Osho. The followers of Osho go there to meditate.

We continued our journey and reached Kakani, which is at quite a height in 2 hours.

Pasang Lhamu Sherpa’s statue is also there, so the highway of Kakani is also known as Pasang Lhamu Highway. As it was a public holiday, many groups had come there. We could see many mountains too.

We went to discover the surrounding jungles. My father, mother, sisters, aunt and I, went to the jungle. My brother had told us that he would take us to the place where Rhododendrons can be seen, but we did not get a chance to go there. But we saw many fields with potato and strawberry plants.

Then we went rock climbing, which was fun. All those who had gone for rock climbing gave poses on the ladder for photos, except me, I posed on a rock.

We also went to Kakani Park. When I saw Kakani Park, I felt very excited, but at the same time sad too, as Thai International plane had crashed here in 1992 AD. The names of the people who died in the plane crash are inscribed on a wall in the park. We found a spot for us and played games.

My mother played musical chair and Ghampo Phutaune or Breaking the Pot competition. But she did not win in any of those games. I took part in chocolate passing game and came first.

I got Rs 200 as a prize.

After that, we had delicious food 5 ‘o clock and then returned home.

Sayujya Raj Ghimire,

Class V C, St Xavier’s