SCHOOL TIMES : Helping one another

Extend hands to those who need it.” “ Never say ‘No’ if someone asks you for help.” “Always try to help others” because “Helping hands are more holier than the lips that pray”.

These are some of the teachings that I have been hearing from my elders, but only recently have I started understanding the real meaning.

Help is a sweet word, and should be understood carefully. Help can be offered in several different ways, to show off, on expectation of similar help, or feeling it is one’s duty, or lovingly and whole heartedly and without any selfish motto. The smile that one gets from those that seek help is the warmest gift that one can present to the god that resides within his/her heart and is also the most satisfying reward.

I remember the moment, when I had helped one of my friends in doing her homework, she was so happy that my heart became full of contentment and felt sanctified. I asked myself what more

do I need?

Let us start helping each other and make our surroundings full of helping hands. It will definitely improve our society, purify our hearts and we will be able to push our nation towards the ladder of success, however small the effort may appear at first.

— Lily Pokhrel, Class IX, Little Angels’ School