SCHOOL TIMES : Importance of education

Education is the light of knowledge which makes a man mentally perfect, mature and able of standing in his own feet. Education is important part of our life without which we can’t imagine a successful and happy life. Education makes any person worldly wise, obedient, disciplined and popular. One can get education in various ways both formally and informally by reading books, newspapers and so on.

Education provides sight to the human beings. Human beings without education are like travellers without destination. Unfortunately, in a country like Nepal, we have the concept that wealth is more important than education. But it’s totally wrong because if you are wealthy without education, you can’t understand the importance of wealth and you can’t utilise your wealth wisely. Educated people have knowledge about various fields and they possess a lot of experience. They can earn money under any circumstances and live their life prosperously and happily.

Educated people can contribute a lot in the field of development and can lead the nation towards the path of progress and success. One might say that without wealth we can’t gain education. But it’s a wrong perception. In Nepal government has made the constitution to provide education free of cost upto class five and upto class ten in various rural parts of Nepal. Not only that various banks and government organisations are providing educational loan and scholarship for good students. Hence, it is said, ‘If you want, God is there to fulfil it.’ So, there is no obstacle if you desire to be educated from your heart. There have been people who live in the hearts of people though they no longer exist like Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Sir Issac Newton and so on because of their contribution through their knowledge and skills.

There is a saying, ‘If wealth is lost nothing is lost, but if education is lost everything is lost.’

— Bikash Khadka , Class IX, Rising Rays Secondary Boarding School