SCHOOL TIMES : Learning field

I was seven-years-old when I went to India for my studies. At that time I lived in a village called Olangchung Gola, which is situated in the lofty hills and surrounded by green ery, where birds sing melodious songs, and there is snowfall during the winter.

I went with my father to get admitted in my new school — the Central School for Tibetans Sonada. When I reached that place, I saw many things that I had never seen before like long trains, parachutes and renowned monasteries, colleges and schools.

My father left me after getting me admitted in Class III. He gave me Rs 500 and told me, “Don’t cry, my son. Just concentrate on your studies. I will come soon to meet you.”

Gradually, I adapted to my school environment and learnt to enjoy myself with my new friends and studied well too. I also enjoyed learning different subjects like Tibetan, English, Maths, Hindi and others.

Our school has around 300 students and around 20 teaching and non-teaching staff.

In my school I learnt different languages and learnt to play different types of sports too. I also participated in Tibetan dances and songs.

— Samdup, Class XII, Central School For

Tibetans, Mussoorie, India