SCHOOL TIMES : Might of pen

We see a lot of pens in stationery shops. The varieties of attractive and colourful pens that are locked inside transparent cupboards look like they are imprisoned, their spirits locked

and due to suffocation they are forced to remain unhappy.

Their problem is that they are mere fashion accessories as they are colourful and are displayed like cars in a showroom. This has brought about a kind of crisis in identity because pens are no more items that represent knowledge. The pride, prestige and dignity of the pen has reduced.

There is a saying, “A drop of ink has capacity to tend a million people to think.” Such a saying too has become valueless these days. The above saying can be changed into, “A stylish pen in the pocket will catch everyone’s eye towards him.”

Is such an activity appropriate and is it our respect to such a great pen?

— Akrur Nath Sharma, Class XII,

Hetauda School of Management