SCHOOL TIMES : My lovely neighbour

A few years ago we got a new neighbour. She was Sihoko, a 40-year-old Japanese lady. She had come to Nepal to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the Nepali people. She was very beautiful and attractive and could also speak our language fluently.

She was very fond of playing with children. I think I was one of her favourites. I used to go and visit her in the evenings after school. Her room was very neat and tidy, which fascinated me a lot. There were many beautiful toys and interesting books in her room.

She was very kind and loving. She used to take photos of people and give them as gifts to the people.

She made the best cakes I have ever tasted. I still remember the day when she gave me a delicious cake and a greeting card on my birthday. She always shared things with others. I can still remember the amazing day when there was snowfall where we lived. We three snowballs at each other and she took many photos at that time.

She lived for almost six years in our hometown. During the time I spent with her, she taught me many lessons about life. The most important thing she taught me which I will never forget is to be polite to all, sociable with many, familiar to a few, a good friend to one and enemy to none.

She went back to Japan about a year ago. Every moment I had spent with my lovely neighbour will always remain as fond memories. I will never forget her.

— Kejan Bajracharya, Class IX, Magus English School