SCHOOL TIMES : One giant step

When we walk on the streets and something smells really bad, our reaction to it would be “Oh god! It’s stinking,” which is very common. We don’t even have to go far — even in the place where we are residing, Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, all of us are aware about the condition of the roads here.

Whenever we walk through the streets we have to cover our noses. But along with that we seem to be covering or rather blocking our thinking capacity too. We do show concern on this matter, but how? We show concern by pointing out and saying it is someone else’s fault. But no one takes even a minute to think before deciding who is the real culprit. In reality the culprit is no one else than the devil inside us.

This is the bitter truth which we are never ready to accept. Even small things like carelessly throwing wrappers on the streets contributes in making the streets dirty.

Even I used to throw wrappers on the streets without thinking twice. But after I watched the movie Krazzy 4 I realised my mistake. In the film there is character called Mukherjee, a mentally ill person, who is obsessed with cleanliness. If a mentally ill person can have so much sense then why can’t we? Our small effort can change this world and make it a cleaner and better place to live in.

The problem here is that no one thinks of taking the initial step, but if all of us take the step, then our combined effort will surely bring about a massive change. So, let’s take that step and save our earth as we don’t have another one to go to.

— Priyanka Kapar,

Class X, Kantipur

English High School