SCHOOL TIMES : One of us

Being physically challenged is a big problem in a country like ours as people are biased towards such people. As creations of God we are all equal.

No one wishes to be physically challenged. Such people have to struggle a lot to compete with normal people.

I lived in hostel for more than 10 years. There were three physically challenged students with us. I wasn’t much concerned about them till I reached Class VII. One them was my classmate Suman Tamang. He had a problem with his leg and used to limp. Suman was good at studies and aimed to be a social worker.

He used to feel left out during games and sports. He watched us play and sometimes tried to join in. Suman held his grief inside him. He couldn’t take part in all the functions we participated in.

Time passed and soon the day to leave school was here. And that was when Suman wowed us with this talent — his voice.

When he sang, we got goosebumps.

We have gone our different ways but I till remember the days that we spent together. I am sure with his capabilities and determination he will surely reach his destination.

— Nyima Gyalpo

Sherpa, Goldengate Int’l College