SCHOOL TIMES : Protect our natural resources

The Himalayas, which comprise the highest mountains in the world, extend across most of the northern side of Nepal and shape its northern border. Eight of the 10 highest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest, are located either wholly or partially in this country. The Himalayas show the beauty and good side of Nepal, but today if anyone sees the condition of this country, they are in for a shock. The roads are dirty and population is high.

To live in a good condition and improve the environment we have to reduce misuse of resources, protecting them from contamination or pollution, and we have to protect resources that are being used. The challenge of conservation is to understand the connections among natural resources and balance in resource use with protection to ensure an adequate supply for future generations. In order to accomplish this goal, a variety of conservation methods are needed.

— Aditya Bastola, Class VIII, GEMS