SCHOOL TIMES : Row your boat

Have you been inquisitive? Have you ever pondered if you are being faithful to your life? We should gaze at the sea of our soul and see the few islands — ideas — that have developed and which are ripe to be explored. Then we should climb in our boat — the World — and set out for the nearest island.

On the way, we may come across strong currents, winds and storms, but we must keep rowing even though we are exhausted so that we don’t drift away from our chosen course, and that the island we are trying to reach is waiting on the horizon for us.

We should remember that not only our destination, it is also the journey that matters.

There are no boundaries for our potentialities if we emerge to prove who we really are. It’s us who are going to shape our future.

So it’s up to us, either to row on the ocean of our life to reach out our horizon and beam like the sun in the sky, or to drift away from the course of life and mingle with uselessness.

The choice is yours!               

— Krishna Sharma, Class IX, Budhanilkantha School