SCHOOL TIMES : Sweet fruits of hard work

We all know the scientific approach to the term dream. But I would like to express my views regarding dreams that all and sundry have sometimes with their eyes closed and at times while daydreaming. No matter which peer group we belong to, which institution we are part of and what academic background we have, we all have dreams — dreams to improve and dreams to conquer the world.

We all know it really needs a lot of hard work, courage and enthusiasm to make one’s dreams come true. But many of us seem to forget this fact and do not work hard. I agree that it is really boring to study always, sometimes it even frustrates us. There are times when we cannot go for a movie on Saturdays as we have to submit our assignments on Sunday. We cannot gossip with family members during load shedding hours as we have to light a candle and review what we studied in class and complete the notes. But I think this hardship moulds us into competent beings and paves our path towards a better and brighter future.

At such tiring times, I remember the words of a teacher who taught me years ago. “Congratulations. You have done well. We are proud of you.” These words echo in my ears and always encourage me to continue my hard work.

When I imagine where I will be after 10 years and see myself as a prominent figure in the crowd, a wave of enthusiasm surges from within. It really feels great to see a smile and the look of pride in our parents’ faces when we come first in class. But for all this we have to work sincerely as a student now. After all we know, “No loss, no gain.”

Time and tide wait for none. So without much ado let’s get started today. Then there will be no looking back. We can happily enter into the arms of future, which is ready to receive us hoping that we will stand out in a crowd, do something worthy for ourselves, our country and for mankind.

— Sunita Thapa, ISc, Birendra Sainik Awasiya Mahavidhyalaya