SCHOOL TIMES : We will not forget you, Sir

Darkness is beautiful

beneath the sunshine,

Life is beautiful

beneath death

We live in an exciting and rapidly changing time — it seems new inventions and innovations that change our way of life arrive on the scene everyday. Our day-to-day responsibilities are loaded on our backs like a turtle wading under its protective shell.

I am getting nostalgic and to kill that pain, I turned to the little twinkling stars that make my heart bounce with joy. There I find the glowing image of a man who gave me and all the students of Buddha Academy Boarding School a bank of knowledge and morals. The man, Temba Tsering Bhutia, as he walks the dusty road on Nayabasti to a children’s home, is caught up by the innocent children of Buddha Academy. His ideology and knowledge is great, the brilliant words he spoke are still with me. He brought all of us from darkness to a bright path, where we realised the real meaning and value of the word — Life.

But unfortunately, a time came for the Buddha Academy family to bear the loss of this versatile man; we all grieved the loss of a teacher, guide and a parent.

But his outstanding morals and valuable words are running in each and every student’s mind even today.

He may have been a teacher for the students, but he was also a friend, a father. The pleasant time which we spent with him made me sketch this image of him in my mind.

My only wish to the the Almighty is to send us again a teacher like Temba Tsering Bhutia.

— Narayan Kafle,

Class X, Buddha Academy Boarding School