Science — a boon or a bane?

Science is what we take as a subject in our course study from a very primary level. We study about atoms, molecules, friction, laws, heart and many other things in science, but the practical use of science lies in the hands of the user alone.

Science has taught us to look for a reason behind everything. Maybe if Newton never existed we would still be stuck with the question — why does the apple fall on our head. Science brought about technology and has helped make our life more comfortable. It has also brought a revolution, revolution in our lives and in the world. Genetics, machinery and others have made this world more sophisticated. Science explains the reason of evolution, and the answer of why to every action. Still it is yet of be decided whether all these positive aspects of science have been put to proper use in today’s world. No scientist would have ever thought that his creation of the nuclear bomb could destroy cities and claim the lives of millions. Science does not provide an answer as to what nature is. There are many such topics under which science itself has not able to give a satisfactory answer. The use of such sophisticated and disastrous things like bombs solely depends upon the mind that uses it. Scientist created it for development but never thought that it could be used for something so ghastly. “The end of the science is the beginning of divinity…” Still science does believe in magical and mystical spiritual acts. Science gives the answer to “why” but fails to give answer that which is beyond “why”. Science has its own good and bad points. It is not possible to stop people from thinking but we can try to change their way of thinking. The effect of science reaches

us through such innocent

ways that by the time we realise it is too late. The good point about science is that it helps

us move with the pace of time. Science is still a mind-blowing issue to ponder on, but science is what makes the world look like a chemistry of biology and physics… — Sweta Pant, Class X, Shuvatara School