Setting the right track for your kids

As much as you would love to give all the knowledge you have gained over the years to your kids and be the best parent with excellent teaching skills, there are a few mistakes most parents generally tend to make. Do help your child as they need it but know when to stop.

1. You can’t do it all

Are you a person who tries to teach everything? Do you worry that your child isn’t studying the exact right material for their grade? In our zeal to be the best teachers we can be we often put unnecessary burdens upon ourselves. Don’t do that to yourself or your kids.

2. Teach them how to learn

This is vital — realise that you Can’t, no matter how hard you try, cover everything! Nobody can! If your children are still in primary school they will be hearing this stuff again and in greater detail. If your kids are college bound, ditto. We are to

teach them how to learn, how to research, how to dig. We can’t supply them with all the facts, we can

supply them with the necessary tools for discovering facts.

3. Let it go

You have to stop somewhere!

No matter how great we’re doing, most of us think we should do

more. Let it go. Lay the foundation — don’t try to erect the entire skyscraper in one year. — Agencies