Seyfried hates how social media controls lives now

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood actress Amanda Seyfried dislikes how the social media controls the lives of people nowadays, and she also doesn’t understand the craze for selfies.

The 29-year-old star, who has a million Instagram followers, says that as an actress, the type of work you do dictates the number of fans you have on sites like Twitter and Facebook, reports

She told The Sunday Times newspaper, “If you star in a show with a big obsessive teen audience, you’ll get millions of teen followers, but no one else will have heard of you. So it doesn’t translate to pop culture. But for people in other areas of the industry, yes, it’s seen as validation. It’s so depressing, it’s not progress, is it?”

The blonde beauty, who rose to fame in 2004 hit movie Mean Girls, confessed that she has never felt comfortable with the new wave craze of people posting selfies online. She said, “I mean, do we hate ourselves so much that we have to take a photo of ourselves when we look nice?”