Shaan’s Sholay-style trick


Many have laughed over the pranks played by VJ Siddharth Kannan on co-actor Baba Sehgal on Zoom’s Santa Banta Unlimited. But the tables were turned on him when singer Shaan pulled a fast one on him.

The singer, who is Siddharh’s good friend, took a cue from the film Sholay where Amitabh Bachchan goes to Hema Malini’s aunt and tells her about Dharmendra’s bad habits albeit as a loyal friend.

Similarly, when Shaan met Siddharth’s mother during his recent trip to Chennai, he casually told her: “Aunty, Sid is a great TV host, but his chain smoking and drinking habits worry me. He is a loving and humble person but has only about six to seven brawls a week. He is such a talented and busy guy, it is amazing how he manages to be out at the disco and hang around with girls till the wee hours every night.”

After hearing all this, Siddharth’s mother was hysterical thinking her son had changed into a ‘bad boy’ overnight. She immediately called up Siddharth, who was stunned when his mother reprimanded him for his lifestyle.

Siddharth later realised it was a prank played by Shaan. “In true Sholay style he tried to pull my leg by making up my non-existent habits in front of my mom. I’m a Tamil-Brahmin, a teetotaller, non-smoker and am not even capable of hurting an ant,” said a bemused Siddharth.

According to inside sources, Shaan had to spend quite some time convincing Siddharth’s mother that her son is not that bad after all.