Shahid, Kareena fight for supremacy

MUMBAI: Kareena Kapoor’s dreams may now be made of Saif Ali Khan, but ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor still manages a reaction from her.

During a recent award show, the actress kept a close watch on the Kaminey star, who was hosting the show. She commented on Shahid’s nerdy look saying he was not looking good with the specs on.

She made sure she watched his full act from backstage. Both Kareena and Shahid were up against each other during the Star Screen Awards as both wanted to perform after the other. So, Shahid insisted he wanted to perform after Kareena as he had given more hits last year and Kareena insisted that she was a bigger star and should get to perform after Shahid. After a lot of struggle, the organisers managed to coax Shahid and let Kareena have it her way and perform after him.