Shahid's mom wants Priyanka!

MUMBAI: Neelima has asked her son's ex-girlfriend Priyanka Chopra to be a part of the film. Interestingly, Shahid is aware of it and apparently, has no objections to his mother's choice.

Neelima and Priyanka met in Priyanka's flat, which is in the same building as Shahid's. Neelima said, "Yes, I met up with Priyanka at her house. She is the only girl in the industry whom I have approached. She fits the role."

Neelima claimed that she offered this role to Priyanka before the star was linked with her son. Explaining the heroine's role in the film, Neelima said, "The heroine appears only in the second half. It's a very vital role. In fact, I discussed two scripts with Priyanka. She liked both of them."

When asked if Priyanka will still be interested in the film since she has broken up with Shahid, Neelima shot back, "I get along very well with Priyanka. It's a very professional, but warm relationship. Of course, it will all depend on who the male actor is. Priyanka is in a certain league. If I get a damn good actor, but not a top star, I don't expect her to step in. But then, she may still sign up due to the fact that she loved the character which I want her to play."

Neelima added, "Shahid is aware that I want Priyanka in my film. Why wouldn't he know? In fact, I consult him at every step. This would be my first film and I think he would be the right person to give me advice."

Neelima further said that she wouldn't like to talk about Shahid's relationship with Priyanka. Initially, she simply said, "As Shahid's mother, I know what is the truth." But when we probed further, she said, "We are a progressive family. If somebody has a cosy and friendly relationship with a girl that does not necessarily mean that they are physically and emotionally involved or committed to each other."

Both Priyanka and Shahid were busy in shoots (separately) and could not find the time to comment. In fact Shahid’s spokesperson added, “He won’t react to this. It is not his film.”

Obviously then, whether Priyanka works with her ex-boyfriend’s mother or not, the man in question certainly won’t act in the film.