Show time : Let’s Go


Time yet again for another Bollywood release and this time Gopi Krishna is bringing you Ram Gopal Verma’s Go.

Abhay Narula (Gautam) is a single child of his parents, who belongs to the high society of Mumbai. His most priced assets are his loyalty and self-belief. Vasundhra Dave (Nisha Kothari), also comes from a wealthy family. She is a sweet natured hottie, in awe of Abhay and believes him in whatever he does.Nagesh Rao (Kay Kay Menon) is a watchguard of law breakers.

Unfortunately, there is a volcano thriving within him as he is not recognised for his honesty. Thus, he is forced to revert towards the wrong side of the law.

The movie describes the various situations arising in front of the two lovers Abhay and Vasu, who have run away from their homes. Little does the twosome knew that a gang of scoundrels are waiting to haunt their journey.

Things get complicated as the chase gets eventful with the presence of a cop, a conman, a killer and a powerful chief minister.

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