Sitar Vs Guitar


It was one of a kind of concert. Definitely for the majority of us it was the first time that we’d seen a sitar being played like a guitar while the guitarist and the sitarist head banged on the stage and the audience cheered them on. It was also the first time that many of us saw a musician play sitar with his teeth (gasp!).

Well that was what World Music, a concert of fusion music featuring renowned sitar maestro Bijay Vaidya and his friends, was all about.

Held on June 29 at Soaltee Crowne Plaza’s Megha Malhar Hall, the concert was definitely a true blend of the East and the West.

It with fusion music by sitar maestro Vaidya along with Udesh Lal Shrestha (bass guitar), Rajendra Lal Karna (percussion), Sachendra Shilalekh (drums), Surendra Man Dangol (lead guitar) and Pratap KC (flute). The group was successful in creating a tranquil ambience with pieces like Mother Nature, Pida, Megha Malhar and Harsha.

However, the show stealer was the jam up by the group where Vaidya slung his sitar like a guitar and head banged with his bandmates much to the audience’s delight.

They cheered even harder when he played the sitar with his teeth.

They played two bhajans — Om Namha Namhe and Hare Krishna — at the end of the concert, but the audience cried for an encore. And of course Vaidya and friends headbanged once again making the crowd go wild all over again.

Vaidya’s new album with French artistes titled So Close So Far was also released.

The concert was organised by Party Nepal and Soaltee Crowne Plaza.